How Integrative Nutrition Changed My Life 

I used to say that my story started when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. 


But that actually isn't true.


It started when I was in school to be a physical therapist. I had a chance interaction with a PT who was talking about a naturopath who helped her restore her menstrual cycle after having her first baby. 


You see, I had been on birth control since I was 15 to help with heavy periods and horrible acne. 


I decided I didn't want to take it anymore because it made me a very unhappy person. 


But when I went off of birth control, my body fell apart.


I couldn't sleep at night, but couldn't keep my eyes open during the day. 


I couldn't remember the things I was learning and really struggled in school, a first for me. 


I was eating nothing during the day, binging at night because I was starving, and not able to lose weight even with 3 hours of exercise a day. 


I would work out before school, after school, and in the middle of the night if I couldn't sleep. 


I remember nights of cleaning my apartment at midnight because the insomnia was so bad. 


It was miserable. 


And I suffered alone. 


I received the care of an incredible naturopath, a nutritionist, and a therapist who were able to support me through Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Disordered Eating. 


But those were not the root causes of what was going on with me. 


I subscribed to diet mentality, over-exercising, and eating processed garbage, which ultimately flipped my hormonal and Circadian rhythms. 


And as great as my care was, no one really took the time to figure out the reason for my struggles. 


Everything was a bandaid. 


I began to clean up my diet, focusing on whole foods more than ever, but still was over-exercising and all over mentally so hard on myself. 


I had been told I would need medical intervention to conceive because of the PCOS. 


And THEN I got pregnant.


The herbs and supplements that my naturopath had put me on worked!


I still feel bad that I was surprised.


Pregnancy will change you.


I began to realize what I put IN and ON my body deserved more attention.


Because would impact my baby as much as it would me.


I dove headfirst into research on all the things:


organic food



and alternatives to traditional medicine,


which had failed me so many times.


On this journey, I have battled weight,


acne, and health issues, all ultimately connected.


I challenged the narrative of eating less and exercising more and learned that health is not one-size-fits-all.


Weight loss is NOT a math equation. 



In those challenges, I found my confidence as a woman, wife, and parent.


Today, I work with children and adults, and will walk you through the steps I developed to heal from an unhealthy and toxic lifestyle. 


We use food and targeted neutraceuticals to improve energy, focus, and sleep.


We dig deep to discover the root cause of illness.  


It may not be what you are expecting.


Mold, toxins, liver dysfunction, parasites, hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis.


These are root causes.


When we look into food sensitivities and allergies,  overly-processed diets, gut dysfunction, and toxic burden, we can find the source of what is causing an imbalance in our lives.


Through my 14-year career as a pediatric physical therapist, I have developed a deep understanding of how the body is completely interconnected.


I am passionate about educating others and sharing the knowledge I have acquired through hours of research and first-hand experience.


I hope you find Larson Family Health a place where you can come to learn and empower yourself to create the healthiest life both for you and your family.



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